Brief introduction:

This type of research is controversial and the website is mainly for opinion and an opening to accept support if anyone is interested. You should have the right to hear other options - this is usually how innovation moves forward. You probably haven't heard of this sort of research before, yet it is around the internet if you look. It doesn't take long to find that there is a lot of disinformation too. Enter Fundamental Energy & Research - Take it from someone who is experienced. This website contains brief information about genuine fuel savers, free energy systems, and other research, with more information to come.


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The following video was aired on Seven Network in 2009 on the TV show "Great South East", for the GreenFest festival. The research has made no significant progress since then due to infiltration of disinformation. The features shown have potential to work but require adjustments to work. The extent of which they will work is guaranteed to a minimum extent, it is uncertain they will achieve the extent of crazy claims made on the internet.

The sort of content you see on this section of the website is controversial.

Why do I research it? There's a lot of bogus information, but I can see some gems.
"How do we know that the established energy providers aren't the ones putting out these hoaxes and basically useless miracle alternative energy devices? They do a great job of reducing interest in all alternative energy ideas."

The research in short:
There have been many claims of fuel savers and free energy devices on the internet for as long as people can remember. Some of these systems have worked and many haven't. Some people have legitimate intentions and others are pure con artists. There are some genuine solutions out there, and other solutions need adjustment (compared to the original or reviewed plans) to get them to work. Fundamental Energy & Research is intended to research, test, and produce results without the hype and nonsense. Being an easily contactable registered business, quality and integrity is assured.

Shouldn't this stuff be on the market already by now?
The answer is there is a lot of disinformation - no one knows what to believe or sell. I've been around this stuff for more than 10 years. Unfortunately, a lot of disinformation is thrown in there to wear people out and absorb their resources, and deter others from pursuing such research. One of the special research concepts of Fundamental Energy & Research is hidden in plain sight: In the logo image.

How do I buy into this?
Would you be interested in helping fund and / or render services? You will receive a receipt and would be looked after in some way or another, no guarantee as to the extent - it all depends on how things go. Use the donate button below or contact me for alternative payment details. If you own a business and would like to render services, also contact me so we can coordinate what is needed.

Here's some examples of disinformation:

Following diagrams down to a T without giving it any thought:

"So umm.. anyone know a good brand of scissor? I found it hard enough settling on a pair of pliers. This job is just getting too complicated."

When you're given a circuit diagram and replicate it down to a T, without critical thinking about the circuitry layout and component selection, all sorts of problems can arise. Anyone in the know would naturally use pliers and screwdrivers, not scissors.

Unfortunately, this is a common problem in the free & alternative energy research groups. How do we know that the established energy providers aren't the ones putting out these hoaxes and basically useless miracle alternative energy devices? They do a great job of reducing interest in all alternative energy ideas.

"For the cost of an iPhone, you can power your whole house!"

"For the cost of an iPhone, you can power your whole house!"
"Wot? A one room house with an LED bulb. Riiiiiight. And as for using an old car alternator....bollocks. Better still, I have a set of simple plans for $45 that using water you can run your car."

I found this gem on a clickbait DIY post, shared on one of the crappy trades pages on Facebook.

Here's the reality of it:
It will work, but probably won't generate much power due to the construction of the alternator (needs to be brushless) and the propeller blade configuration. A vertical wind turbine produces far more power for the same area, and can be purchased online from various sources (although I can't specifically endorse any - yet). And as for the $45 set of plans that will guide to you using water for your car? I don't sell bogus plans, I will be offering distinctive kits / products - ready to go, although their performance will be published in a truthful manner.

Note update: That blog site has since updated their page with a proper windmill (although not a vertical type), although I'm not sure I can say it is mechanically strong enough to last the distance.

Clear out the negative energies from your house! (They forgot that for a car electrical circuit to work, you need to have the load connected to the negative terminal on the battery!)

"$165, wonder what they cost to make. Bigger profit margin than selling drugs"

I thought I was on Crappy Electrical when I saw this post, but apparently not.

Unless you're prepared to spend absolute mega bucks in building, and no guarantee, this stuff is almost impossible to shield.

Electrical distortions caused by solar inverters and equipment with active rectifiers (most things electronic) are your target - they interfere with radios and can even slowly damage electric motors and appliances over time. This is fortunately relatively easy to solve, but not as easy and nowhere near as cheap as simply plugging these in to the power points. It involves somewhat complex filtering circuitry installed into the switchboard/s and strategically installed throughout the premises.