In this day and age of a world gone mad, I am legally obliged to put this disclaimer up. I'll do my best to weed out disinformation but it is ultimately entirely your responsibility.

A summary of the Disclaimer:
• This disclaimer is valid for the whole website except for the professional services section of the website (Electrical / Air Conditioning / Data Cabling), which has its own terms and conditions contained within.
• The information presented is only that - information. What you do with it is your responsibility, not mine.
• The research products available for sale are not complete products - some basic guidance is provided but ultimately you use them at your own risk.
• Offering your money and / or time to Fundamental Energy & Research does not offer you an absolute guarantee of results, but donations will be used in good faith to research further and publish results of the research. That's a better deal than what one competitor offers who uses the money to fund their alcohol problem and unexplained ATM withdrawals!

Disclaimer in more detail (in conjunction with the summary):
Fundamental Energy & Research (Australian Business Registration ABN 86 951 539 282), Fundamental Energy, FE Research, all of these terms refer to Fundamental Energy. Phone Andrew 0421164224

Fundamental Energy & Research allows you with access to the FE Research website under the following conditions:
That you are of the understanding that the ideas and products featured on this website are considered experimental.
Although many people are satisfied with the results, I take no responsibility for any damage to property or injury to persons experimenting with the ideas and products featured on this website.
By experimenting with these ideas and products, you assume full responsibility and Fundamental Energy & Research / owner / affiliates are not liable for any harm or damage to person or property caused by your experimentation. All the information herein is for entertainment and research purposes only. For this reason, no advice, information, product, or service, which you obtain from this website or linked web sites, whether oral or written or physically provided, shall create any warranty whatsoever.

By visiting this web site, viewing, using, or obtaining any products or services, you the user acknowledge that any alteration to any device, item of equipment, or vehicle, can result in the breach of some manufacturers warranties, distributors, or sales points. You the user also acknowledge that any product / idea you try on your own person is dangerous and not without risk. The user acknowledges that he or she shall hold harmless Fundamental Energy and its affiliates, whether in their own personal capacity or representative capacity through corporations, partnerships, and the like in any event a warranty is thereby nullified. The user especially acknowledges that Fundamental Energy is not liable for conduct of other users or third parties and the risk of injury of injury from the foregoing rests entirely with the user.

In addition to the terms set forth above either Fundamental Energy or its affiliates, will not be liable regardless of the cause or duration, for any errors, inaccuracies, omissions, or other defects in, or un authenticity of, the information contained within this web site. Working with many of these energy systems and health remedies is considered dangerous. Fundamental Energy recommends that any alterations to your devices, equipment, or vehicles be made by the relevant licensed tradesperson / practitioner, to a safe standard and / or in accordance with relevant laws, and that these experimental systems only be used / applied on private land.

The "Professional Services" page on this website is the only exception to this disclaimer, where certified licensed services are offered.

Except for the accounted usage of donated funds and resources, all content, products, prices, and information found on this web site are subject to changes without notice.