Fundamental Energy & Research is a special interest awareness website relating to energy and sustainability. Certain interesting concepts have been around for a while but are hindered by the publishing of disinformation. Hear it from someone who has been in the game for a while who has narrowed it down.

Special interest research, concepts, and awareness:
• Hydrogen fuel savers (petrol, diesel, or gas hybrid)
• Battery rejuvenation & enhancement
• Energy efficient fridge and air conditioning
• Atmospheric ionisation (rainfall enhancement)
• And more.

This sort of research has been commonly available and around for a while, but is usually flooded with disinformation or misunderstanding.
The aim of this website is to help clear some of that misunderstanding and to seek financial and / or service assistance in developing and testing prototypes.
This website is run by myself, based in Eastern Heights, Ipswich, QLD, Australia.
Development work will be kept in Ipswich or South East QLD where possible, and any beneficial products that may result will be made available for market.
I am a fully qualified electrician and air conditioning technician, with electronics knowledge.
I have the concepts but lack financial backing.

ABN Registration # 86 951 539 282

Fundamental Energy & Research is run by Andrew Gardiner (myself) - an independent researcher. I was formerly a co-founder and trustee of Panacea-BOCAF, who apparently ceased support for fuel saving and free energy research in 2013 and mainly focuses on health remedies these days. I put a significant amount of money and time to help get Panacea going, and was essentially shafted. The original trust deed in 2007 specifed fuel saving, free energy research, and health remedies. Remuneration was part of the deal, which never materialized when I asked in 2012 when sales / money started rolling in. I have received abuse on and off since I left. Panacea have had plenty of time to get their fuel saving and free energy research going, to which they failed to produce results. The main founder bought copious amounts of alcohol and had unexplained cash withdrawals - I have the paperwork to prove this. I don't have a problem if you choose to follow Panacea - they do good work, but keep me in your thoughts. I am not impressed that they have all the money and am yet to see something materialise from what I contributed, from what I believe they have no intention. 

Here's a short video from 2009 of me featured on TV with earlier generations of this research while working with Panacea-BOCAF:

How can you help and what's in it for you?
I have the knowledge, but not the money. Would you be interested in helping fund and / or render services? You will receive a receipt and would be looked after in some way or another, no guarantee as to the extent - it all depends on how things go.

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